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The Skeleton’s Closet: A Body of Work by Eric Bonholtzer

Remnants & Shadows





The International Who’s Who in Poetry

Who’s Who In Poetry 2014

Writings to Honour & Cherish

Distinguished Writings

Ginosko Literary Journal Anthology


Harvest International


Immortal Verses

Pomona Valley Review

Bound – The Prose Collection

Bound – The Poetry Collection

Centres of Expression

Cultural Touchstone

Up in Smoke Anthology

Enriched Poetry

Need to Know Basis

Chaos Theory

Best Poets and Poetry of 2012

Life on the Edge

Down in the Dirt Anthology

Survival of the Fittest

Tough Lit VII

Ink in My Blood

Art is not Meant to be Touched

Best Poets of 2014

Guilt by Association

Sea Drift

The Mission

A New Pen

Cheap Thrills Collection

After the Apocalypse


Who’s Who in American Poetry 2013

Don’t Forget It 2014 Literary Datebook Collection

Literary Town Hall

Writing on Walls





1st Prize Fiction Winner – College Language Association (CLA) Creative Writing/   

Margaret Walker Prizes for Creative Writing national competition

1st Prize Poetry Winner – College Language Association (CLA) Creative Writing/   

Margaret Walker Prizes for Creative Writing national competition

Ted Pugh Poetry Award Scholarship, CSU Pomona

Two-time Finalist – Rolling Stone “I’m From Rolling Stone” Journalism Contest

2nd Place – New York Times Bestselling Author F. Paul Wilson’s “Stump Repairman

Jack” Creative Writing Contest

International Who’s Who in Poetry Award 2012

Semi-finalist International Open Poetry Competition

Semi-finalist Who’s Who in American Poetry 2013

Semi-finalist Who’s Who in American Poetry 2014

Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Award

Best Poet and Poems of 2012 Award

Poet of Merit Award

Eber & Wein Publishing “Editor’s Favorite Picks” Selection 2014

Poet of the Year Nominee

1st Prize Short Story Award – Harvest International (Anthology)

Editor’s Choice Award Winner – Balance (Anthology)

Honorable Mention – Writing on Walls (Anthology)




SNR Review

The Rockford Review


The Storyteller

Absent Willow Review


Tales of the Talisman

Conceit Magazine

Necrology Shorts Magazine

The Write Place at the Write Time Magazine

The Speculative Edge

Ethics & Critical Thinking Journal

Oracle Story and Letters

The Circle Magazine

Beyond Centauri

Cemetery Moon Magazine

The Stray Branch Magazine

Liquid Ohio

Current Accounts Literary Magazine

Allegory Magazine

Outer Darkness

Micro Horror

The Pen

Nebo: A Literary Journal

Tower of Light Fantasy Magazine

The Miraculous Medal Magazine

Insights into a Changing World Journal

The Conservatory of American Letters Northwood’s Journal

Floyd County Moonshine Literary Magazine

Hello Horror

Garbled Transmission Magazine

The Avalon Literary Review

The Enchanted File Cabinet Literary Magazine

Ginosko Literary Journal

OCEANS Magazine

IdeaGems Magazine

Nth Position Magazine

Nite-Writers International Literary Arts Journal

Metaphorical Salad Literary Magazine

Down in the Dirt Literary Magazine

CC&D Literary Magazine

The Nocturnal Lyric

AlienSkin Magazine

The Annals of St. Anne de Beaupré

Nocturnal Ooze Magazine

Fear and Trembling Magazine

The Nth Degree

Skyline Magazine

Torture Chamber Productions

Midnight Times

Idiom 23 (Australian)

The Binnacle

The Oak




Skinnie Entertainment Magazine

(featuring Eric's articles on Jared Leto (cover story), Angels and Airwaves (cover story), Rob Dyrdek (cover story), UFC Champion Randy Couture (cover story), MMA Number 1-Ranked Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko (cover story), Bad Religion (cover story) Tommy Lee, Godsmack, Criss Angel, 10 Years, Stone Sour, Steve-O, among others)

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Writer (FIDM)

American Songwriter Magazine

The Bling Report

InfoSearch Media

The Commentator Law Journal

Southwestern Law Review

Juli B Magazine

Fight! Magazine

Valley Scene Magazine

Pasadena Overlook

GC Magazine

Saturday Night Magazine

The Annals of St. Anne de Beaupré

The Lance

Westside Story News

Rotor and Wing




String Theory (lyrics, poetry compilation)

Essences (poetry compilation)

Expressions (poetry compilation from Eber & Wein Publishing for “Editor’s Favorite Picks”)




Scars Publications Poetry Calendar

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